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Center for Humane Technology - The AI Dilemma

Hey kids! I got another email from The Center for Humane Technology regarding the hottest topic right now - AI. This talk has some really great points made and things to consider if you are working to produce AI models or if you are using AI models to endurance your work or life in general. Below is copied from the email I received:


We'd like to share "The AI Dilemma," a special presentation that CHT Co-Founders Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin gave recently. In the talk, they discussed:

  • How existing AI capabilities already pose catastrophic risks to a functional society

  • How AI companies are caught in a race to deploy as quickly as possible without adequate safety measures

  • What it would mean to upgrade our institutions to a post-AI world

The presentation is from a private gathering in San Francisco on March 9th with leading technologists and decision-makers with the ability to influence the future of large-language model AIs. (This was before the launch of GPT-4.)Please check it out and share it with others who are concerned. Consider calling your political representatives to advocate for holding hearings on AI risk and creating adequate guardrails.This talk is also available as a podcast.


I've included the YouTube video, however you can click this link to watch on YouTube rather than below.

We have an obligation as technologists to consider all aspects of the direction AI is going and attempting to curb the nefarious usage as best we can. We also want to make sure this breakthrough tech can be used to its full advantage to make positive contributions for a better future.

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