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Phishing Emails

Ok, kids. Lesson time. My kiddo was almost duped by a not-well-done phishing email. I feel the need to add a few things to review when you get an email saying things like :

  • Your account will be suspended if you don’t log into your account now

  • Do not ignore, we need your credit card information for your order

  • Your payment was declined, please click here to re-enter your information

  • You have been locked out of your account, complete the account authentication by clicking here.

Sometimes, these messages can be legitimate. Most of the time, they are not.

They are not ever, ever, ever, legit from Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, or Amazon.

If you did make a purchase or lock your account and you suspect it may be a real email …. Do not click the link in the email.

Go directly to the retailer website and login there. Every. Single. Time. Those links are not going to Amazon to fix your payment. It is linking to a private server that will easily collect more information from you than may even know about yourself.

If you got a phishing email, send it to the appropriate company so they can shut it down!

For companies not listed, do a search for "[insert company name] phishing email" and you should be able to find where to forward the suspicious email.

Don’t get caught on a line!!

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