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USPS Operation Santa!

Hey kids!! It's Christmas time!! For all you good boys and girls, Santa will bring you presents! Just kidding, go buy your own

If you are feeling the spirit of giving, have a little extra paycheck, and want to get gifts for some little elves who's parents may not have the ability to have "Santa" bring gifts this year ....

Check out the Postal Service's website for Operation Santa! You can look though the letters Santa's has gotten And choose to adopt a child or a family. You then send them what you can on their list before December 18.

I noticed a ton of requests for gaming systems ... I don't have that kind of bank, but I am adopting a kiddo and his brother that asked for toys I've heard of 😂

Quick tip: If you decide to do this, I strongly suggest you create an account first, then look through the letters.

Some thinfs to share:

  • The letters go fast!

  • There is no way to search by anything except the state if you lose track of the letter you wanted to adopt.

  • There is a share option in the top right corner, so save that link to get back to it

  • You must send the gift through the USPS, you can't send direct to Amazon

  • You do not need to purchase everything asked for. Most lists are a bit cray-cray

For more detailed info about additional questions go to the FAQ link.

This is a great way to show your love to others during the holidays, especially after such a tough couple of years. If you have the ability to spend a few extra dollars for some kids that need it, do it! If you don't, that's ok too! If you could share the direct link to the website with friends and family, maybe someone will be able to adopt a letter through you 💜

Check into the link below and Happy Holidays!

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