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Azure DevOps Notifications

Hey kids! Do you work in Azure DevOps?

If you login using a URL like{Your_Organization}, you use Azure DevOps.

Have you been assigned to a Project in Azure DevOps and you aren't getting notifications when a work item is assigned to you? This quick post is for you! We need to review the user settings available to you in the user interface.

There is a difference between the project settings and the user settings. Let's review quickly. The Project Settings are located at the bottom left of the Project view.

image from Microsoft

The project settings don't have an option to get notifications about only your work items. This post will focus on the User Settings and Notifications.

Once you have logged into your Azure DevOps instance, you should see in the top right corner a little person's head. If you hover over it, you should see "user settings" as shown below.

Click on the little person and you should see the menu open up. Click on the Notifications options, as shown below.

Now the main screen you see will have your user notifications listed. Above that list, you will see the New Subscription button. Go ahead and click that.

In the left menu, choose the Work category and then you will see the available options for notifications you can set up for yourself. I personally have set up a notification for if a work item is assigned to me, an assigned work item is changed, or a work item I created is changed. That covers notifications for most of the things I care about without having to follow each work item associated to me in some way.

Once you've chosen the type of notification, click Next and you'll see the image below. Verify the email and project listed is correct. If you'd like to set your notifications across all projects you subscribe to, change the Filter option to "any team project".

Leave the query filter criteria as is and save.

You're done! You should now get email notifications for the actions you chose.


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