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Changing Email in Sitecore

Trying to change your email address in Sitecore for some reason, Sitecore makes it extremely difficult to change the email address on your Sitecore profile.

I have had to update mine a few times and had to go about it a few different ways. If at all possible, try to have your profile registered in a personal email address that you control and have your company associated to your profile.

Here are some suggestions that I’ve found across the Interwebs and may or may not work. So be diligent! I would recommend to keep using the below contacts for Sitecore weekly until you get a response. This is one of my really big pet peeves with Sitecore …they do not focus on customer service for individual developers.

If your email is no longer active and you have forgotten the password, try these:

NOTE: For the US the email is:

  • Contact an admin on Twitter

  • Contact an admin on Slack

If you can still login to your account, you can also try these:

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