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CodeLand 2021 Announced

Virtual: September 23-24, 2021

From the website:

CodeLand is the community-first conference designed to level up programmers and people learning to code – from home!

Motivating talks, rewarding activities, and connection with other code-obsessed people like you.

Why attend? Whether you’re researching coding bootcamps or celebrating your tenth year as a software developer, CodeLand is for you. Together, we’ll discuss big ideas in tech, empower lifelong learning, and energize one another to keep coding as whole people. Who should attend?

CodeLand was created to unite diverse populations within the tech world to connect; learn from one another; and explore trends, fundamentals, and inspiring stories within the industry. You belong at CodeLand if any of these statements resonate:

  • You’re passionate about technology, coding, and community

  • You’re currently employed as a Programmer, Coder, or Developer

  • You are seeking a career change in IT

  • You are a professional in a code-related role (e.g. CTO, SDE, DevOps Engineer, Data Analyst, Software Architect)

  • You’re looking for your first job in a developer role

  • You code for fun!

Registration is not open yet, but it should be announced soon.

For more information visit:

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