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Combining Projects

To add each separate project to the parent Solution:

Right click the Solution, Add, Existing Project

Choose the project to add. Make sure if you want the project to be added as part of the solution that the project is added to or stored within the code repo.

Example: The edi_850_class is currently stored in the DLLS folder. This folder is in the source repo for EDI_prod so the project does not need moved. The gp library was separate, so this project needed copied into the DLLS folder along with the other referenced projects to be added to source.

Once the project is showing in the Solution Explorer , update the starting project to be dependent on the other projects building correctly. This ensures the dll in the main project’s bin is correctly rebuilt on build and run processes. To do this, right click on the main project, Build Dependencies, Project Dependencies.

Check each project that should be a dependency of the main project building.

Once the new project is showing in the Solution Explorer, remove the project references in other projects and replace them.

Example: You add the EDI_850_Class.vbproj to your solution. The main project, EDI_AUTOMATION already has a reference to this project. Add the new project. Delete the 850 reference from EDI. Go into the references and add the reference again. This ensures a clean data reference.

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