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FairyGodBoss events!

Hey kids! The lovely ladies at FairyGodBoss has a killer lineup of webinars to help you get your edge in your profession. Most of these coming up will be helpful for projecting leadership and solidifying your worth. The ones I’m very interested in are below, considering I tend to shy away from talking in meetings and I could use some tips!

Leadership Language for Women

You’ll learn:

  • How to use your voice and body language to get and keep the attention of others

  • How to nonverbally add weight to your message

  • Phrases many women overuse that damage credibility, and what to use instead

  • How to silence the inner critic that hampers your success

Coaching tips to Immediately Impress

You’ll learn actionable tips that will immediately improve your voice and executive presence.

Check out the events page for the full events lineup:

Cheers! Liv 🤘🏻

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