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For The Ladies

Let's face it, some companies still have a boys club in IT. We are integrating into more and more companies as we show that female developers/engineers/IT professionals are just as competent as our male coworkers. It has been an uphill battle and is still being fought, but not o the levels it used too be.

If you find yourself needing some words of wisdom from other ladies in your position, need a little motivation or a swift kick to remind you how good you really are, there are lots of clubs, groups, etc that can fit the bill. Many of these places have mentors that have been through it and can offer advice on how to navigate your specific issue with dignity, class, and girl power. Many listed organizations are great, and have lots of useful resources for starting your journey into the tech world, as well as some great tips for the seasoned veterans.

Below are a few of the many places that offer assistance in learning code, supporting women in code, and just plain lady devs showing love

There are so many great groups out there, search for places near you -> google search

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