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Git or SourceTree - Password Invalid

If you've had the misfortune of having your source control user just randomly no longer work, this article is for you!


1. Right click and open the settings off any folder

2. Set credentials to Effective and set global config

3. If the config begins w “wincred”, remove it so the [user] item is first. The config should be found under my user and can be edited there (fig2)

4. You should be prompted to enter user / password on git clone


1. Tools > Options > Authentication

2. Clear all username and password combos

3. I’ve found that waiting a few hours sometimes is needed for this to work

4. Close and reopen Sourcetree and any bookmarked repos will ask for the user / password combos within 20 minutes for each repo

5. If grabbing a new repo clone, wait to get new repo until all user / passwords are added back in then grab new repo to clone or for working copy if already grabbed through git.

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