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How to Survive a Company Reorganization

Hey kids! I have a story for you.

Kenny works at The Acme Company. They build stuff. Kenny works in IT as a software engineer. He loves his work and his team and has a clear purpose. Today, the company announced a massive reorganization which will shift Kenny to a new team with new projects and goals and new coworkers …. Kenny is not happy.

Kenny has options. What should he do?

  • Start looking for a new job

  • Immediately lose his shit and tell the boss what a bad idea this is and pout the rest of the day

  • Lean into the chaos and try to make the best of it with a positive attitude

  • Become a “yes man” and immediately cheerlead the changes

All great options.

Let’s look at how each response could play out —

Find a new job

Kenny can do this. However, this means he is walking away from what he already knows, coworkers, processes, knowledge base, and seniority. If Kenny is fed up and his company is no longer a good fit, sometimes a major reorganization is the thing that sparks this move. Always leave on good terms by submitting a formal 2 weeks notice and resignation letter.

My biggest advice is to start the job search and get a new job BEFORE you leave the current company. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot because the company make you mad. That only hurts you.

Lose yo shit

This is not a good idea for any reason, no matter who you are at the company. This isn’t a good look for any coworker, especially Kenny. This makes you look like you are not a team player to your leadership, which can give an inaccurate view of who you are.

If you’re that mad, go outside and scream, cry, yell, be upset! Then go back in the building and finish the day. Go home and process your feelings and how it really effects you and your job. Consider being patient and giving the change a chance. If you come out of your reflection still feeling angry or even betrayed, consider your options to leave the company for a new gig on good terms.

Lean into the Chaos

This can be a tough one, especially if you don’t believe in the reorganization and the reasons for it.

Take a deeeeeeeeep breath and remember how much you enjoy your coworkers, your projects, your clients, your leadership. Try to trust the leadership has more reasons than you’re aware of. Understand many details are not going to be given to all employees. Life is hard.

Sometimes, we need to embrace the crazy and just move forward. Generally if you take this path, you will still have private opinions and that is SO OK. You are allowed to move forward with the new ideas and not be 100% sure about it. I’m betting your management team isn’t sure things are going to smooth into a perfect transition.

Just by stopping and taking a breath, letting things change and happen … then after you’ve seen things move and change … then it’s time to do a mental check with yourself.

Are you actually feeling more confident in the plan now that you’ve seen what the changes are doing for the company and for you?

Or are you still pretty sure this reorg is failing? Do you now dislike your job, coworkers, projects? It may be time to check your pros and cons to staying or leaving.

You may also have another option to request a transfer back to something closer to what you were doing. Or maybe you’ve had your eye on a new job in the company that seems interesting you could transfer into. If you think this may be an option, this could be right for you.

Become a “Yes Man”

Don’t do this. Your immediate manager may love you, but literally everyone else you work with will secretly hate you.

Brown nosers are the literal worst 👎🏻

Me personally?

I’ve always leaned into the chaos. I like to see it before I decide if I love it or hate it. I have made the decision to love it a few times and absolutely positively totally despise it a few as well.

What’s important is recognizing when the company culture is no longer a good fit for you personally ….when you aren’t invested in your company, your work will show it and it’s probably time to take your leave on a positive note 💜

I hope this conversation about your options resonates and helps you to remain a pillar of greatness at your company. For now 😊

Let me know if you have other mechanisms that work for you! Send me a message or add in the comments 👇🏻

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