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Picture A Scientist - documentary

This documentary really hit home for me in so many ways. It made me angry and sad because it brought up some terrible memories I had successfully repressed for a long time. Being a woman in tech, as a software engineer for over 15 years, has been like navigating a social minefield for my entire career. I was never allowed to just express myself. If I did, I was labeled. I was either too loud or too pushy or too much of a know-it-all or too emotional or any of the many names I was called over the years by many male coworkers.

I have had MANY advocates and true friends through my career that I cherish to this day. They are the reason I am still here.


The naysayers and back stabbers ... I'm not the only one who sees you now. I hope you have a change of heart someday, if you haven't already. We all deserve to be striving to be the best we can be in STEM. Gender doesn't determine that path.

Now, let me get into the actual documentary itself 🥰

"Picture a Scientist" is a beautiful thought-provoking documentary that turns the spotlight on the rampant gender bias that exists in the scientific community.

The film tells the stories of three female scientists who have had to endure sometimes horrific gender-based discrimination in their respective STEM fields.

The documentary is expertly crafted, blending personal narratives with facts and statistics that highlight the extent of gender bias in STEM fields. The raw emotion and passion of the three women featured in the film are powerful and inspiring, and their stories serve as a wake-up call for anyone who is oblivious to the struggles faced by women in male-dominated fields.

The film also delves into the root causes of gender bias in the scientific community, touching on factors such as the dismissal of women's contributions, conscious and unconscious gender bias, and the lack of representation of women in key leadership positions.

The documentary is an eye-opening and impactful film that shines a light on the gender disparity that exists in STEM fields.

It's a must-watch for anyone who cares about promoting equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the sciences and beyond.

Ladies, ask the men in your lives to watch it. Men, please watch it with an open mind. Understand this bias happens in every career path, not just STEM. I truly believe it is more often unconscious bias and that women and men alike are unaware it's happening. I would bet there is a woman, especially a person of color, who is treated as "less than" in someone's mind in your office. She's not smart enough, or she's too pretty, or she's not pretty enough, or she's too too too ... insert negative adjective.

This bias come from both men and women. Female managers have looked down upon me and other female developers just as much as the male ones. Don't believe it? Ask yourself if you personally would hire a female architect rather than a male architect to design and build your house. Would you trust her to do the job with a satisfactory result and not second guess her decisions? Maybe that answe is yes.

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