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Quiet Quitting

Hey kids! I've been reading a lot about quiet quitting and many people have many opinions. I personally don't think this is a new thing, it's just a thing that now has a name. I have had jobs in the past 30 years that I did just enough to get by either because I hated my manager, hated my job, or my paycheck was awful and I had no incentive to work harder. However, I'm glad this trend is getting notice because employers need to realize that treating their workforce like cattle is not ok. If you want your employees to do their best, you need to offer your best in return. Give them a reason to work harder for you. Paying a living wage is a great start 🤘🏻

I read a fabulous article that really gets to the heart of the matter and has some great insight on how to get unstuck from being a quiet quitter.

The basic idea is this quote from the article:

Quiet quitting becomes an easy way out. Treat the job like it treats you, instead of being unemployed and looking for a job.

Take a few minutes and read up on Quiet Quitting, especially if you manage employees yourself. There's some good advice on checking in on your folks to make sure their needs are being met too! Not everyone should make a million dollar in salary, but every person deserves to be respected for what they bring to the table.


Happy reading!

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