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Scammers Are The Worst

Hey kids! Don't get fooled!! There's tons of scammers that want your money normally ... but they sure want it now with a pandemic and people are being caught off guard. If you get an unsolicited email, call, text, message, dm, smoke signal - be weary of the validity of the person on the other end.

I have student loans (shocker!) and I got a crazy email telling me I discharge my loans ... ok, I'll read that.

However, there is not a way to discharge Federal loans outside of a few specific public service careers. I am not in one of those careers. You probably aren't either. Emails like these are either a bad-faith loan servicer or a scammer. Or both. Don't be fooled! If you look at the email that was sent to me, there's a "click here" and some text and some generic images inserted. Legitimate companies make more of an effort to send a clean, well written email that shows the company in a good light.

Below, you can see in the "To" field someone else's email. I've noticed that happens quite a bit on spammy, scammy emails. You can also see the text is generic and lists tons of current economic issues that could be affecting you. But they aren't reasons to discharge student loans.

The "Claim Submission Form" is a link to .... something. I didn't click on it and neither should you!!

This one, you can see at the bottom the image with the name "1.jpg" listed. A telltale sign of a illegitimate email. The unsubcribe also has a weird link that I didn't click.

Again, it's always better to be safe so ignore emails like this or contact the company directly instead of using the email sent to use. Don't click links.

Be safe in the cybersphere

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