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Set up Existing Sitecore Site

✔️Get all files

🔹Open solution file

🔹Set up website files

🔹update-package -reinstall for nuget


🔹Restore db’s to SQL

🔺Set up admin user in sql (owner and public)

🔺May need to run mongodb batch file, for all db’s


🔹Or can look for existing connection to somewhere

✔️Install slow cheetah for transforms (extensions not nuget)



✔️Data folder set to right path in config

✔️Create configuration build and publish profiles

✔️Set up connection strings

✔️Setup data file in config

Add license file

✔️Add TDS properties

🔹Sitecore web url ex: http://local.existingsite/

🔹Sitecore deploy folder: C:\Websites\existingsite\website

🔹Build ouput path: .\bin\Release\

✔️Check references, verify all there

🔹May need to go into Nuget to install

🔹use Update-Package command

🔹Check lib for missing dll files

✔️Setup IIS site

✔️Rebuild indexes

Publish site fully

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