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Sitecore Troubleshooting

Here is a list of troubleshooting steps I use for when my Sitecore site is being rude. Hopefully this can help you too!!

✔️ If everything works but getting random 500.19 error

🔹 Verify server and framework with coworkers in Web Platform Installer

🔹 URL Rewrite can be missing

🔹 Could be something in config being referenced, not installed

✔️ Get copy of dll’s, databases

✔️ Unable to add new transform

🔹 Install Slow Cheetah – extensions, not nuget

✔️ IIS error – verify site setup can connect to other local site that you know works

✔️ Verify connection string and user settings in SQL server

✔️ update-package -reinstall before build

✔️ apppool is set to integrated 4.0.

✔️ check both local and secure port (80, 443)

✔️ SQL user needs to be owner

✔️ Breakpoint for method/action is skipped – make sure layout isn’t cached

(property in layout)

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