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The Notorious RBG

2020 has been filled with some pretty horrible things. The rona, riots, visceral hate, and countless casualties from it all.

The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg hit me hard. She has been a shining example for me over the years of how to be a strong woman in a male dominated field. She has been an inspiration to millions of women around the globe. She is and will always be an icon and an example of empowerment for years to come.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg began Law School at Harvard and transferred to Columbia where she received her law degree. She had a hard time finding employment as a lawyer and eventually accepted a position as a professor at Rutger's Law School. Throughout her career, she authored and co-authored numerous books and journals on mainly women's rights. Later, she also served on the DC federal appeals court with Justice Clarence Thomas, she launched American Civil Liberties Union ACLU Women's Rights Project, she was named one of Forbes Magazine's 100 Most Powerful Women from 2004 through 2011, and was nominated by President Bill Clinton in 1993 to preside on the Supreme Court of the United States until her death in 2020.

The movie ‘On the Basis of Sex’ was wonderful and showcased how her life was filled with setbacks and hardships and she hit back with grace and dignity every time. She made history so many times, brought women’s rights into the forefront of State and Federal court cases as a litigator as well as a judge. She was a force to be reckoned with. RBG was not perfect, but she tried. Her heart was in everything she did. Her dissenting opinions in the Supreme Court were legendary and SCOTUS will never be quite the same without her. We will miss you. Rest easy, Queen 👑

Nevertheless, she persisted.

Thank you, RBG, for paving the way ❤️

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