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Umbraco Setup v8.14

Hi kids! So I wanted to check out some of the new features in the most recent version of Umbraco, while I wait for v9 to be released this year. I ran into a few issues and thought I’d share!

I had to dig a little deep to find the actual install instructions on the Umbraco site

👇🏻here 👇🏻

First thing we do is open a new project in Visual Studio

You have to choose the

👉🏻ASP.NET Web application (.NET Framework) 👈🏻 option or the install will more than likely fail. You can choose either Visual Basic or C#. I personally use the C# version.

After choosing the project type, make sure you use the highest framework possible, currently 4.7.2

Then choose a blank install.

Once the project is created, open the Nuget console

Type: Install Package Umbracocms

The install may take a few minutes, so be patient 😀

Once complete, you should see this Readme file on your project screen.

Make sure you build the project so all the dependencies needed are restored.

Troubleshooting tip:

If you see the errors in the screenshots below, you may have installed using an incompatible framework. I got these errors when trying to install over a .NET Core or Angular project type. I'm guessing there's a way, I just didn't take the time to find out. Yet 😆

Once you’ve completed the build, simply run your Visual Studio solution and a browser should open with the below screen. Fill out the information to create your Admin account associated with your new site.

If you are not familiar with the Umbraco setup and features, there is a great tour you can take that tells you where things are. There’s some great educational material found at the bottom of the main page as well.

The URL for your project is in localhost and the back office can be found at


In order to navigate to your front end beautiful website, the URL is just the base localhost URL. In my example its

you should them see the below site, or something similar in other versions.

In the Umbraco back office, you can navigate to find all the content and how it’s laid out and created. Navigate to the Content menu item. In this screenshot, we can see the Home page content written that matches the above site values.

Navigating to the Settings menu item, we can see how the content is built for the Home page. You need to create a document type and add the individual sections as desired.

The page layouts are available in the Settings section as well. The code can be written and modified directly in the Umbraco back office or in Visual Studio

When you navigate back to Visual Studio, if there are new content items created in the back office, you’ll need to refresh your project to see it. One way to do this is to click “show all files” and the new files should show up for you.

This should give you a decent start on how to install and where to find some of the items needed in the pre-built Umbraco site. While I work on creating a new test site, I’ll make sure to write down steps and post a generic “how to” with the base content, as well as using a popular plug in I want to test out.

Have a fantabulous day, my friends! 💜


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