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Woodstock 99 Failed

HiHey kids! Have you seen the documentaries and reporting that’s come out recently about Woodstock 99 and the shitshow it was?? If you haven’t, stop reading this and immediately go watch it on Netflix or HBO.

It was meant to be a rejuvenation of Woodstock 69, which was peace, love, and harmony. There was mud and some not great situations but overall Woodstock 69 was a massive success. So why did Woodstock 99 end in such madness?


The drive into chaos that occurred should be a cautionary tale to Corporate America and how the only thing that matters is profit. The promoters of Woodstock 99 were only concerned about making money. So they hiked up prices for tickets, water, basic needs ….and offered nothing in return. They treated the festival-goers like animals. Like walking cash machines. They had no care for these folks at all. So the festival goers ended up rebelling against the terrible conditions the management seemed to think was just fine. They raged against the machine and the machine deserved it. 🤘🏻

This same type of thing happened at Fyre Festival.

Greedy people who take and take and take will eventually have a reckoning …

Do yourself a favor and when you're rich, be humble and treat others with decency. It'll serve you well 💜

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