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Work From Home Tips

It's harder to collaborate when a team member is working remotely, even for just a day.  We can't just walk up to each other's desks and talk out an issue we are working on.   Below are some tips and tricks I've used over the years, being a remote team member for a few years.

 🖋Have a notebook to use that you can write out your plan for the day

▪️At the end of each day,  fill out the plan for tomorrow 

🔺Move anything not 🔺completed

🔺Add new tasks picked up through the day

🔺Check off what has been completed

🔺Cross off anything cancelled or moved

🖋Set an alarm for breaks or lunch so you don't lose track of when to return to your desk space

 🖋Block time on your Outlook calendar to remind yourself to do certain tasks, like add weekly accomplishments / goals to your drive page

 🖋If you need to recharge, set an alarm at lunchtime and lay down on the couch for a snooze refresher

 🖋If possible, work in a space with a window and can see the sunlight

 🖋Stay organized 

🖋When you decide to work after hours because of a great idea,  make sure you communicate with your lead or team and let them know you put in time after hours and will be logging on later or out early 

Don't try to work an insane amount of hours, burn out is a real thing


🖋Communicate a lot 

  • Using Teams for quick calls and screen shares is super helpful for both parties

  • Email, text, IM, whatever form you use with your team.  It will help you to stay up to date on what is needed

  • If you have questions, make sure you ask sooner than later

  • Make sure you get fully dressed / ready for work as any normal day

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