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Don’t Get Scammed

Hey kids! I get a scam email or text or message through the socials almost daily now. I made a post about scams before and I thought I’d touch the subject again just to make sure y’all are listening! 😀

Heres an example of a scam email NOT from Chase:

Here‘s what is wrong:

  • the chase logo looks weird, copy and paste job

  • the email sender isn’t a name

  • the email subject is listed in the email body

  • the temporary hold doesn’t mention an account

  • the email signature is off

  • I don’t have a chase account

If you get an email like this and you think it could be legit - go directly to the actual website of the company emailing you, in this case Do not click on the link inside the email.

Heres another email from - but it’s not actually from PayPal. This one is really good. If you look at all the recipient, that’s a dead giveaway. The email does look legitimate, this one is a great spoof that pays attention to detail and mimics actual PayPal emails. If you click any links in this email, you will not go to PayPal.

. Paypal will never send a message to multiple recipients 👇🏻

If there is doubt, a good way to verify is to click the reply button and see what the actual email address is that you would email back. As you can see, the email is not but a random person.

When in doubt - simply do not click any links in the email. Go directly to the known company website

Next we have an example of a text scam from NOT Netflix.

This is definitely not from Netflix - don’t click on it. If you think there may be a real problem with your Netflix account - go to the url or use the previously installed app on your phone. Do not click the link in the message

And finally for this post, we have an example from WhatsApp … if you don’t know a person who sends messages like this - it’s a scam. The newest Nigerian Prince that will send you money.

Don’t click the link , block the contact.

Not sure how to block? No problem!

When the message is open, like in the image above, tap the phone number at the top of the screen. It will open a new screen like the one below:

Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you’ll see “block this contact”. Tap that and the person is blocked. If you feel like being a good samaritan, you can report the number first and then choose the block option.

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